Strategy to Post & Manage Automations

With the various apps and platforms available, spreading of brand awareness, connecting to potential and targeted audience, from live chat, online engagements such as comment and inbox inquiries to auto-reply/chatbot, not any issues anymore. Most consumers would expect prompt response whenever they inquire or chat online with the brand. Being fast and responsive on social media channels are proven to achieve better sales. Creating curated posts, animated GIFs, frequency of postings, timeline, hashtags and channels use… all required strategies and planning. Designing and content writing plays a huge part too. Not forgetting, online reviews and ratings.

It can be time consuming to be active on social media and with the updating, but remember, most of us now spend the most time being online, on social media. 

Many entrepreneurs and businesses find that social media can be time consuming. Here we are, Redline Design is able to help You with the marketing and management. From gaining a potential targeted audience to auto-response, auto-engagements in commenting and liking others’ posts, scheduled postings on social media channels, assigning various tasks to respective employees to manage and setting reminders. We provide flexible packages that includes graphic designing and copywriting should your business required it. Unsure which channels that suits your business or which platforms to use? We provide consultancy too!


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